Tom Bohinc, Managing Principal

Tom holds a personal commitment to evoke innovation and achievement across teams and organizations. To Tom, we each have a basic choice - we can give substance to an idea and build performance toward a goal - or we under-serve them. When the factors are right, the resulting energy, speed and rewards are remarkable.

With thirty plus years executive experience in global corporate, consulting and start-up settings, he founded Auorm and is the Managing Principal.  

Tom has also authored/co-authored learning experience curriculum around leadership and team performance. He is an experienced facilitator.

Tom is pictured with then President Bill Clinton in 2000.

Tom is pictured with then President Bill Clinton in 2000.

Tom’s consulting focus is Executive Coaching, Leadership, Creative Collaboration, Agility and Program Performance in product teams and operational teams. He is also a member of the prestigious Sloan coaching faculty.

Tom has a Masters of Business from Case Western Reserve University, where he studied under the founders of the strengths and appreciative inquire movements.

He lives in both EU and USA.



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