Jack Ricchiuto

Jack is a writer who teaches teams and leaders how to be smarter together. He is the originator of the The Agile Canvas that is revolutionizing the way we organize for organizational thrivancy. As a 20-time author, Jack has been delivering workshops and coaching over the past 3 decades, in over 24 industry sectors with hundreds of organizations and dozens of communities across the US and globally.  

His books include Collaborative Creativity, Accidental Conversations, Project Zen, Appreciative Leadership, Mountain Paths, Conscious Becoming, Instructions from the Cook, The Stories that Connect Us, The Enchantment of Casual Origins, The Joy of Thriving, Ordinary Eyes, The Agile Planning Field Guide, Abundant Possibilities, The Power Of Circles, Making Sense Of Time, Beyond Recipes and Focus.

Since 1980, Jack has been designing and teaching leadership and professional development workshops and courses with a variety of campus and online undergraduate, graduate, and post-Doc programs including Kent State University, Harvard Kennedy School, UC Berkeley, and the University of Charleston. I am mentor to faculty and curriculum designers.

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