Francois Guilleux, PhD

Francois Guilleux has been passionately designing and facilitating experiential leadership development for over 20 years in educational and business environments.

Francois’ areas of specialization include: adaptive leadership, team development, group and organizational diagnosis, and highly creative experiential designs and facilitation. He is a certified practitioner with the Leadership Circle Profile™, the Immunity to Change™ and the Subject-Object Interview, three powerful tools for leaders ready to take a deeper dive into their development.

Francois is a leadership educator at heart. He has taught or co-taught leadership and organizational change courses at Harvard University, Teachers College Columbia University, and the University of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on adult development and leadership education. He recently contributed a chapter in the book Social Justice Leadership for a Global World on the dispositions that facilitate leaders to learn from their failures.

 He holds a master’s degree in education from Harvard University and a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh where he was involved in the radical redesign of the Principal Certificate Program.

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