Voice of the Customer

DESIGN THINKING is core to product or process innovation. CUSTOMER EMPATHY is arguably the most important part of this practice.

Teams who are invested in the customer experience, bring changes and priorities that accelerate time-to-market and market success.

Create blended learning experience that solidify these principles

Create action-based experience that insert this mindset into practice (e.g. fail often, MVP).

Discover tacit knowledge hidden in your team and organization. 

Open new insights from the outside.  

Auorm can design and facilitate learning experiences to firmly establish this mindset and these practices. 

Auorm can bring the outside perspective of what your key customer is thinking that can be translated in to product features and operations backlog and the leadership capabilities of your customer-facing teams.  

Auorm can measure the level of awareness that permeates your organization and how often it drives decisions during innovation or operation.  Insights that are suitable for strategic selling, product strategy, operations and leadership strategic assessment and transformation. 


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