There is no leadership  without personal mastery. The most important ingredient of personal mastery is self-awareness. However, most senior leaders are sadly deprived of the primary trigger of self-awareness: candid feedback.

As you get into that corner office, […] people around you want to please, they are absolutely more respectful and more easily intimidated. That’s where honest critics play an incredibly important role in companies
— Anne Mulcahy, former Chairperson and CEO of Xerox

We help senior leaders take honest stock of themselves in a safe and confidential setting. They build fundamental new insights. Many executives want to change, but behave in ways that impede their progress. We work to understand both exceptional strengths and limiting behaviors, and jointly define exercises and actions that will drive more effective leaders. Starting with the Leadership Circle Profile™ we help executives become more self-aware in two respects:

Creative competencies — how individuals achieve creative discovery, lead others, hold presence and power, define themselves and inspire organizations

Reactive tendencies — how individuals limit themselves, e.g., by conforming to expectations of others, containing situations rather than acting from their own vision and energy

Drawing both on our business expertise and on science and practice of leadership developmental (such as the ground-breaking adult growth research from Harvard and Minds at WorkIndividual Advanced Leadership guides leaders through a process of thorough situation/self-examination, experimental action, insight and choice, and near-term and gradual behavioral change.


The Individual Leadership program takes the leader from a clear understanding of personal priorities to real-life personal change.

  • Framing the dialogue - Confirming and specifying personal and context priorities
  • Conducting a reality check - Launching the Leadership Circle™ survey and taking selected interviews
  • Defining objectives - Debriefing and interpreting, as well as specifying personal objectives
  • Experimenting with change -Implementing personal experiments, followed by a debriefing session
  • Establishing a brand - adopting the presence and relationships to support your progress