Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Every coaching relationship is unique. It starts with a conversation. Where is there flow? Where are the tensions?  What do you want?  Why does it matter?

We check your capacity for awareness and understanding. We may gather some intelligence (through tools and interviews). 

We build from where you are - at step one or step one-hundred.

We set strategies and explore action. 

For Executives

There is a bigness to the most senior roles. We understand top leadership performance and organization performance. We simplify the swirl of theory and speak in practical terms. 

Tell us about you, your team, your customers and your company. 

We build you as a force of leadership - with the energy and impact that the best leaders hold. We focus on the five areas that are shown to be the ones that fuel leadership. Those you are strong in we leverage, those that you are not strong in we build. 

We are the honest broker that hears you and your choices.  We are the safe space for you to discern and choose your path.  That path may be to deepen or shift your current commitments, shift companies or roles, or choose service or entrepreneurship.

For Entrepreneurs

We build entrepreneurship in companies that need that focus. We build leadership in entrepreneurs whose organizations are now growing and changing. But, we also build the effectiveness of entrepreneurs in their start-up and early growth stages.   

Your passion will become your vision. Your vision will become your plan of action. 

You will build the leadership qualities that will allow you to bring others along on your journey - from venture and board members to partners and key employees. Above all, it will start with deep understanding of your customers.

You will also gain personal depth as you build the certainty to discern the anxiety of learning, risking and 'fail fast'. You will deftly field the doubts that now old you back or muddle your impact. You will learn to love the patterns of: vision - action - learning - pivot. 

For High-potentials and Managers

We  help you build a work persona and to thrive in your culture.  We will build the clarity that helps you invest yourself in your work, without compromising your well-being. We can help you achieve excellence as you solve problems, coach difficult conversations, and understand what intelligence is there to help you do your job.  

If you are new to management, we can help you make a successful transition from doing work to creating an environment for others to do great work.