Work Effectively Together

Auorm's programs for team effectiveness

You gain unique insights from seasoned and trained eyes. You see your strengths and weaknesses and the forces that propel your teams (or threaten your success) with new awareness and clarity. You understand the building blocks of collective leadership and performance.  

We will jointly create a strategy and define the program for your own team. We have a range of services to change team energy and performance. Some goals have immediate impact, while others have a longer horizon - they take some time. We are experienced and insightful and smart about what will it will take to make a difference for you.

Basic. Teams and the executives who support them will all be grounded in the capabilities for working effectively day to day.

Communication, Listening, Coaching, Feedback, Critical Conversations, Performance, Leadership are all core skills in today's world of collaboration and in the new era of supervision.

Advanced. Teams and executives will be grounded in the capabilities that allow them to assess something new, innovate and change direction.  

Creative problem solving, Dialogue, Advanced Listening, Decision-making, Change, Mentoring and Delegation.


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