Align and Energize

You have team and service staff who lead outside of the chain of command hierarchy. The alignment and energy that they create in your creative and technical teams are critical to performance in rapid-changing organizations. 

The Align and Energize learning experience is designed to unleash performance in team work and peer collaboration. 

The needs of transformational teams and project/product focused organizations is unique and un-tapped in most organizations.  Conventional stories of leadership are framed for traditional organization relationships.  These stories and practices are for the innovators in the vortex. THEY are called to leadership, too. 

This learning experience is a perfect strategy for those building Agile practices.

All components for this learning experience can be easily adapted to your particular context.   


We partner to frame the tone and the topics to your context. 

A pre-survey provides critical perspective ahead of learning experience.

Web-based ore-training provides a foundation so that everyone comes fully prepared and engaged.

Phase One Workshops

A series of topics are infused in your team, using a range of learning experiences including discussion, video, role-playing and simulations. Leadership skills are understood and confidence to apply them are built. Areas covered include:

  • Leadership in creative and technical teams.

  • Accountability and ability to evoke performance. 

  • Peer coaching and development

  • Communicating and connecting with team members

  • Communicating up and communicating out

  • Power of creative feedback

  • Creative collaboration 

  • Creative decision-making

  • Leading through difference and disagreement

  • Delegation and accountability

  • Listening  

Making it stick

Performance is a team sport.  It is also a context sport. 

There is a special agenda for the leadership that surrounds this team on their role on coaching and making the new practices stick. 

The experiences are scheduled over time, and followed by period where participants immediately apply what they’ve learned and maintain accountability for adopting and implementing new skills.

Phase Two Workshops

These workshops focus on more advanced leadership skills and provide a social context for participants share experiences applying their new skills while also receiving feedback and reinforcement.