Apply its principles and you witness the transformation in yourself and everyone in your circle!
— Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership assessment brings valuable insight quickly. We believe the Leadership Circle Profile is one of the finest (richest) leadership assessment tools available. The insights (often dramatic) from the tool are complemented by our professional team.

From this assessment you learn these key things:

  • Leadership skills that align the most to performance
  • Your innate style, strengths, and patterns as a leader
  • Your self-awareness and blind spots
  • Your level of development as an adult leader

You gain a perfect and profound mirror of your leadership in this assessment. It reflects the awareness those who you lead, and contrast to your own. It reflects you as a leader contrast to the best leaders. You open a clear path to game-changing leadership. You know exactly which investments are directly related to your excelling (or surviving). 

Aurom is one of the top practitioners of this of leadership assessment.

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