Front-Lines Real-Time

There is tremendous power and potential in your organization relationships. That energy can be tapped with , deliberate intention.  

Regardless of your structure, hierarchy, matrix or holocracy, your front lines (or circles) are one of the untapped strengths in your 'chain-of-command'. 

Auorm offers a series of learning experience that empowers front-line supervisors (and at every level) so that every interaction builds the strength and performance of each member. 

We find that the best answers are simple. We make putting them into behaviors surprisingly easy and rewarding. 

The standard program is easily adopted to workshop or increment models and includes customizing to your context.  


We partner to align tone and topics, and to define context-specific cases and scenarios from your operations into this program; including the option for custom videos.

A pre-survey provides critical perspective ahead of training. 

Workshop One (Or Series One)

This 2½-day learning experience utilizes discussion, video, context-specific examples, role-playing and simulations. It builds leadership skills and confidence. Areas covered include:

  • The leadership agenda for each member 

  • Situational assessment and response to performance

  • Communicating and connecting with employees

  • Front-line coaching 

  • Powerful feedback

  • Leading difficult conversations

  • Delegation

  • Listening  

Making it stick

There is a the special agenda for the senior leadership team on their role on coaching and making the new practices stick. 

During a 45-60-day period after Workshop One, participants apply what they’ve learned and maintain accountability as a team. Champions and executive leaders coach and model the new skills. 

Workshop Two

This one-day experience focuses on advanced management and leadership skills.

In an extremely impactful activity, participants share experiences applying their new skills while also receiving feedback. Specific peer coaching strategies are practiced as the foundation for their on-going leading from the front-lines and center-of-the-circles. 

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