Velocity in Volunteer-based Organizations

The challenges of leading volunteers to high-performance are unique.

You are a 'mission-driven' organization. 

Volunteer effectiveness requires a distilled and razor-focused command of three things: Why we are here. How we will work. What things we will do. 

Our programs for leading community-based volunteer staff are exactly on point for this.

Workshop One.  Why are we here? 

When your organization has a super-sharp vision and mission, that vision and mission then has to be internalized and personalized by each of your volunteer coordinators and paid volunteer management team. They must speak from this conviction and connection as they engage the community. This workshop helps each of your team to make this message their own, and to speak about it with impact to their audience. Finally, we bring practical approaches for forwarding this message and passion into your volunteers. Move your vision and mission from 'ink on the page' to the 'heart in action'.  

Workshop Two (series).  How will we work? 

Your front-line paid team and your community volunteer leaders are the suppliers of fresh fuel for your volunteers. Research shows, literally, HOW your team engages the volunteers will make a big difference in results, momentum and velocity of their work. 

We have created a series of learning experience designed to bring your team's engagement skills to the highest level. We provide them with easy to remember approaches that are rehearsed in the workshops and put to use immediately. Importantly, they are reinforced across their peers and management, until they are second-nature habits.  All of you learn a few key things that make a big big impact.

This series can be delivered as a three-day workshop, or individual topics and skills can be provided in a 2 to 3 hour periods. 

Workshop Three (series). What things we will do?

Your team and your volunteers will have a burning sense of mission that they are personally connected to. Your paid and coordinators will be skilled to build and support the engagement of the volunteers. Now, the volunteers need to understand what ACTIONS are available (or that they can create).

We provide two agenda to help spur ACTION toward your vision that is also consistent with your mission.

First, when you ask "What can take us to the next level?"  This facilitated creative session taps the intuition and innovation of your team, and invests them in new ideas. We lead a new kind of process - beyond conventional brainstorming - and continue the evolution of your innovation by helping the team set priorities and make commitments.

Second, when you ask "How can we vitalize our operations?".  This facilitated session brings the best approaches from the Lean process tradition to improve or correct the actions that are in place.  Are they impacting our customers as we wouldlike?  Are they as timely, costly, and energizing as we would like?

Like all our learning experiences, we make these easy to scale and customize to your organization. Any of these experiences can be adjusted so they are ready for on-site/off-site or remote delivery, and can be scaled for both large and small groups. We also provide these experiences licensed for delivery by your in-house staff.

tom bohinc