Go "White Wolf"

I watched an on-line presentation today. It was a video of a conference presentation admonishing executives (in this case CIOs) to take a ‘Gray Wolf’ strategy.  

My take on this was 'it was a mess'. I would even go so far as to say: self-sabotage, framed as political finesse. While I concede that there was some helpful advice, like being prepared for the reality of ugly politics and betrayals, it was also a formula for staying insignificant. "Accept mediocrity for the sake of paying tuition and mortgages." - in effect.

Steve Jobs would not say that stuff.  Elon Musk would not say that. Probably not any of the folks on Shark Tank. (I have not called them to check.)

My counter challenge is to “Go White Wolf”.  Most of the pack are grey. Gray is convention. Gray is defensible positions. And, while Gray is better than dead, it is really selling yourselves short and living down to expectations. 

If you want to stand out and make a mark, then do the courageous things and take the risk of actually learning to lead. Are you up to survival (Gray)? Or, are you up to being at the table (White)?

True business leadership moves us.  True leadership engages fiercely and fearlessly with purpose. It is not a strategy everyone will set (research bears this out). Only those willing to invest over time can set this high a bar.  

Finally, a new level of insight on what "White Wolf" leadership is like

You now have a dramatic new resource available to address the harder aspects of the who-wants-to-be-a-player world.

Bob Anderson and Bill Adams take the stage with their new book Mastering Leadership. Don’t be swayed by the conventional title, this is revolutionary stuff. Their special intelligence has been honed with decades of research and experience, and up to Nov 30 2015, has been available only through top-dollar consulting and coaching (including this author’s).

What do you get?

You get a masterful synthesis of many factors and theories that are each a part of the puzzle for top-of-the-bar leadership that energizing your team or organization.  This is not the leadership you have probably heard and read thousands of time in blogs and training. This is certainly not settling for “gray”.  Be the “White Wolf”

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tom bohinc